Our products function to restore a natural Bio-Magnetic resonance in your individual BioField and in your immediate environment. The result is you are surrounded with a more natural and healthy 'external' energy field! 

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Today's widespread use of wireless communication devices constantly radiates your environment with strong doses of electromagnetism at microwave frequency levels.  With this continual high frequency agitation, the earth's magnetic field is disrupted and as a result, the natural Life Energy field becomes immobilized or dormant - a toxic and unnatural environment that surrounds and effects you every day.  When the local or immediate energy field is disturbed, the BioField of the person and all living things in that environment also becomes disturbed.  Generally, most living things initially respond to this altered energetic environment with exhaustion and imbalance.


The bio-electrical processes that effect communication at the cellular level are especially vulnerable to the disruption of the natural magnetic field due to high-frequency microwave radiation from cell phones and wireless communication devices.  This change in essential cellular communication in your body is similar to the loss of clear radio reception due to signal interference.  The information just doesn't come through clearly and may be misinterpreted or not even recognized.  Not a big problem if you miss your favorite song, but disruption of your body's vital bio-electrical communication processes from exposure to RF Radiation interferes with the body's natural way of communicating and maintaining overall health, and will result in some form of dis-ease.  The experience of amplified dis-ease is often related to each individual state of health, resulting in increased risk for children, the elderly, and those with on-going health difficulties or "weak points" in their system.

Cell Phone Towers Mapped with Google Earth

So it is not a question of whether this disturbance in your individual BioField is related to health problems or not, that is not in doubt. What is uncertain is just how this ill-health will manifest in an individual - this is determined by the individual's own constitution and health and may manifest in the body in various ways. What is certain, through even the most basic understanding of physics, is that ElectroMagnetic RF radiation fields  weaken and disrupt both the earth's natural magnetic field and our BioField energy patterns - and this will lead to some form of dis-ease or distress in the human biological system. Again, children, in particular, with their developing immune systems, and those with stressed or compromised immune systems are more prone to the bio-toxic effects of RF Microwave Radiation.

It is apparent from biophysics that we are an open bio-electrical 'radio' receiver and transmitter.  We naturally interact with all external energies, natural and man-made, and these energies do play a large part in our varied experience of health, vitality, and well-being. 



Our physical health, vitality, and sense of well-being are a direct result of the condition of the external energy fields that interact with the bio-electrical system of the body.






How Our Products Work


Immobilized / Dormant Life Energy or Dead Orgone Energy (DOR) is attracted into the organic surface of the OR+ Material. The organic / metallic / magnetic composition of the OR+ Material attracts / reflects / accelerates, and directs the incoming energy within the matrix, creating a natural north-pole magnetic pulsation in the Life Energy field. The "accelerated" energy in the near field around the material is restored to its' "orgin-all" Life Energy state - creating a natural Bio-Magnetic Resonance in your personal BioField and in your environment.




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