Whole Raw Herbs vs Standardized Herbal Extracts

Whole Raw Herbs contain all of the constituents of the plant and have been used for hundreds in not thousands of years by many cultures around the globe. In fact, modern medicine originated with the use of whole raw herbs. The medicinal properties of herbs have been traditionally learned through empirical observation and through information passed down through successive generations of healers. Although the effects of whole raw herbs have not always been formally and scientifically researched, whole raw herbs have a long track record of use that validates their safety and efficacy.

Standardization of herbs is based on the idea that isolated compounds are responsible for the action of an herb. A standardized herbal extract contains one or more components of the whole raw herb that are present in a specific concentration. The idea is to guarantee that the consumer is getting a product in which the isolated compound is consistent from batch to batch.

The extract/standardization practice that is used to concentrate one selected constituent of the herb actually removes other natural components that may contribute to the functional synergistic activity of the whole herb.Taking a whole herb in powder form gives your body the complete herb with smaller amounts of a variety of healing substances versus the potentially problematic concentrated doses found in standardized herbal extracts. We value and rely on the complex synergistic interactions of the different components of the whole raw herb rather than take our chances with the limited capacity of an isolated herbal extract.

To ensure our erbproduct provides the full-spectrum of potential benefits from each herb ingredient, we use only the best organic and select imported Whole Raw Herbs in powder form (free of herbal extracts and artificial ingredients)