"I have had prolonged physical discomfort from four brain surgeries fifteen years ago. I have used the biomag accelerator for two years 'in my space' and enjoyed the resultant relaxation and clarity from meditating with it nearby. I especially enjoy its re-structuring of my morning coffee. There is a special reaction that takes place in my coffee cup (of earthen clay) after 9 min that I can feel as a 'wobble' while I'm holding it. Directly afterwards the coffee tastes wonderful - no bitterness, just a wonderful mellow fullness.

Today for the first time I used the biomag accelerator directly on my brain surgery site for 9 minutes. I had a remarkable sensation of the re-organization of my muscles around my neck and shoulders in such a way that I experienced more relaxation and comfort than I have had in a long time. I look forward to even more healthful results as a result of being able to turn my neck over my shoulders completely from side to side, which I couldn't before!

Thank you!"

Christopher Creek, AZ


"All I can say is that for Higher Consciousness or new energies to manifest we need to use tools to accelerate and integrate the process. Over the years, I have used active tools. I have been looking for a more passive system. You have it! Thank you! If people only knew how powerful your advanced technology creations are, and how life enhancing they can be, you would be sold out for years in advance.
Jerry Nowacki - Sedona, AZ




"As a yoga instructor, I've witnessed that by bringing the entire being into balance and alignment, promotes serious overall health. My BioMag Accelerator continues to support that fact every time I use it by encouraging the positive energy flow within my body and my surroundings. I'm amazed at how any pain or stress can be virtually diminished within minutes of holding it in the palm of my hand or placing it on an exact area that needs healing. The energy truly CAN be felt immediately. Thanks to it, I now feel really good in my body. Such a small price to pay for huge benefits!"
Sterling Harrington - AL


"After consulting you with regarding our specific needs I was so excited when our order arrived. Within moments of wearing the OR+ Pendant I could not believe I was already feeling the positive effects. Following your suggestion, I placed the BioMag accelerator on my sore hip and within approx 15 min was able to walk with significantly less pain! We purchased 2 of your Accelerator modules as well and I can honestly say it was the best night's sleep I've experienced in years! I appreciated your expertise in helping me decide which items we needed. Thank you for creating such a wonderful product! I strongly suspect I will be a repeat customer with your product in every room in our home!"
Karen - TX


"I keep my Accelerator at my bedside.  Since the day I bought it, I have felt more connected to Spirit and have a much greater ability to deal with life's stressors and challenges.  Meditation has become a more profound experience, and I am more serene in my daily life (even though I remain surrounded by many stressors).  Not only has the accelerator been an amazing spiritual tool, but I have found that it can be used for self-healing.  When experiencing painful symptoms, I rest quietly with the accelerator on the painful area, and often the pain actually disappears.  Thank you for bringing this transformational gift into the world". 
Kara - AZ



"I wear my Pendant almost every day, when I feel problems coming on I just touch it with my finger to balance myself and be stronger.  I don't know what it is - I just feel better when I wear it!". 
Kim - AZ


"I use the cool plate (Accelerator Disc) as a resting spot for my water bottle - the water tastes cleaner and the whole room seems way peaceful". 
Don - NM


"I had a pain in my finger and placed the BIOMAG there to feel better and within minutes the pain had subsided to almost nothing. I truly believe that this product is good for my overall well being". 
Virginia - MN


"I put the cone module on the window shelf in the bedroom - beautful in the sunlight!  I am able to get to sleep easier and even seem to remember my dreams more now".
Ron - AZ


"I had hurt my knee and was sitting on the couch with it elevated.  Meanwhile, my daughter came home from visiting a friend.  She had a magnetic device (the BioMag Accelerator) that she told me to try on my knee.  I used it for about 10 minutes.  I was amazed when I got up to walk, the pain was gone!  My daughter went back and purchased one for me."
Rita - MN


"I've had several of your products for a few weeks now, and it is truly a phenomenal difference in energy levels and peaceful feelings. Thanks for distributing the energy!"

Ron - NC