"erb is my jam! Every morning I mix it with honey, lemon and warm water for a warm alternative to coffee or teas. I love the natural energy kick it gives me without the crash of coffee or sugar and it is especially great after a workout for recovery and a little extra energy boost."
Alane, Asheville, NC

"erb is a product made to enhance your life; this product is a true gift to those of us over 40 who still have a 20 year old zest for life! erb has made it possible for me to meet the demands of a busy professional life with energy left to enjoy my personal life.  I enjoy hiking with my dogs, live music events that require me to stay up past midnight (not what my 40+ year old body can do without support), and celebrating art/nature.  erb has enhanced my 40+ year old lifestyle and helped me to continue to live creatively.  Personally, I have experienced all the benefits of the product without any of the side effects: as a neuroscientist/brain-behavior expert, my personal experience with erb has been amazing!

Thanks to the makers of this exceptional product that can assist those of us seeking to age with continued zest for the creative side of life!"
Elizabeth Caspian, MD/Coach
Center for Creative Change, LLC


"I used mine again last night before a run, and am always shocked at how awesome it is! 5 miles and I could have kept going! Need to get some more for my Sisters!"
Robyn, Las Vegas, NV

"I can't even begin to count the number of products I have tried that claim to provide an energy boost. I have been on the quest for this Holy Grail for over two decades. The biggest barriers have been that the ingredients in these products are not truly 'natural' and there are side effects. erb is in a category of its own. It is clean, makes me feel absolutely amazing and is beneficial to my health and well-being. No fillers, artificial ingredients, or synthetic drive. Just pure elevation. erb is the uber of vitality and energy drinks."
Laurie Ellington
CEO, Zero Point Leadership