Unique and functional Art that works utilizing
Magnetic Field Dynamics and
the principles of
Life / Orgone Energy acceleration to restore a
supportive and natural Bio-Magnetic Resonance
in your personal environment!

A special spiral design. Circa 2006.

A clean, vital life...

Our products function to restore a natural Bio-Magnetic resonance in your individual BioField and in your immediate environment. The result is you are surrounded with a more natural and healthy 'external' energy field! 

The natural flow of the Life Energy Field is sustained and intertwined with the dynamic magnetic field force of the Earth. From studies on Magnetic Field Deficiency Syndrome we know that the every cell in the human body is attuned to the natural and supportive influence of the Earth's magnetic field.

Large OR+ Disc - naturally Alkalizing!

OR+ Discs

Create a natural Bio-Magnetic resonance in the water you drink every day and enjoy the benefits of Negative Polarity Structured Water.

The overall design is based on a six-point hexagonal Neodymium Magnet pattern - six lines of Neodymium magnets and Quartz crystals to maximize the flow of energy into the matrix, creating a strong Negative Polarity - North Pole Magnetic Field emission around center of the mandala design. 

Use as a 'coaster' for your drink or water bottle to create your own Negative Polarity Structured Water at home, or place anywhere to quickly create a natural bio-magnetic resonance in your personal environment!

OR+ Cone on LED Lightstand

OR+ Modules

Create a natural Life Energy resonance in your personal and professional environment.  Just place one of our Accelerator Modules anywhere in your home and workspace to easily create a more natural and supportive energetic living space.  Magnetic alignment provides a directional acceleration of energy from the module base to maximize North Pole Magnetic Field emission through the tip of the module.

Maximize your potential at home and at the office with clarity of thought and emotional balance.  Ensure the maintenance of a clear Life Energy resonance in your healing arts practice area.

OR+ Biomag in a nice pose.

OR+ Biomags

Quartz crystals, Blue Kyanite blades, and Amazonite pieces surround the internal magnetic arrangement.  This unique design provides a strong North-Pole Magnetic Field emission through the carbon-steel ball at end of unit - which rolls freely while remaining in place!  Perfect for easy accu-pressure shoulder (or anywhere) massage relief. Just lightly roll over your body where you have discomfort, or place near distressed areas
to realize the benefits of natural Bio-Magnetic Resonance.