How is Magnetic Field dynamics related to Life Energy and health?

Magnetic Fields have been used for healing since ancient times.  Their benefits have been recorded in ancient Egyptian, Greek, Chinese, and other writings.  In recent years numerous efficacy studies have shown clear positive relationships between Magnetic Field applications and improved health conditions.

Life developed and exists under the influence of the earth's geomagnetic field. We are surrounded by a sea of magnetism. The human body, its individual organs and each of the millions of cells making up the organs and the body bathed by this sea and are magnetically charged dipoles. Cell regulation, tissue function and life itself are controlled by internal electromagnetic currents. In disease states, these electromagnetic potentials are altered but fortunately can be favorably influenced by the external application of magnetic field energy.

NASA researchers Dr. J.H. Vandyk and Dr. M.H. Helpern  raised mice in specially prepared metal cages that shielded them from the electromagnetism of the Earth. Within a few weeks the animals lost their fur and began to die. The connective tissue in their skin and internal organs showed signs of uncontrolled growth. Additional animals raised in a normal environment during the same study remained healthy.

Early astronauts suffered from a magnetic field deficiency while orbiting in space away from the earth’s magnetic field. This caused some serious medical problems including a rapid loss in bone density. NASA discovered that magnetic field generators installed in manned space ships were essential in maintaining bone density and normal health for the early astronauts.

Current research regarding north-pole (negative polarity) Magnetic Fields

Robert O. Becker, M. D., Retired Prof. of Medicine at Upstate Medical Center, Syracuse , Director of Orthopedic Surgery at the Veterans Hospital, Syracuse, New York and author of "Cross Currents and The Body Electric",
provided a very important fundamental observation concerning magnetic response and therapy.  He showed that when an injury occurs, the injured area registers magnetically positive (south pole).  After a few hours the site of the injury without any outside magnetic influence registers negative (north pole).  What this shows is that north pole energy is a sign of healing while south pole energy is a signal of injury and disorder.  By using a north-pole magnet field on a recent injury one can immediately start the healing process, before it has the opportunity to go through the hours of stress and south-pole field presence. 

Dr William Philpott, M.D., is chairman of the Bio-Magnetic Institute in Oklahoma City.  He is a psychiatrist and neurologist who is author of numerous books.  He provides the following insights regarding the interaction between biology and the Earth's natural magnetic field:

"As electromagnetic systems, our bodies exist in balance between and under the influence of negative and positive magnetic forces. The Earth's crust exerts a powerful negative magnetic field, while during the day we experience the sun's opposite, positive magnetic force. At night, the Earth's negative magnetic energy increases cellular oxygen, encourages deep restorative sleep, supports biological healing, reduces inflammation and relieves pain. But when the sun comes up, its positive magnetic energy decreases cellular oxygen, stimulates wakefulness, inhibits biological healing, increases pain, and can increase inflammation.

All plant and animal life, including human exists in and responds to the magnetic field of the Earth.

The pineal gland in the center of our heads controls hormones, enzymes and immune function, and is itself a magnetic organ containing magnetite crystals. It is acutely sensitive to magnetic energy and produces its most important and characteristic substance, the sleep hormone melatonin, almost entirely during the night when the Earth's negative magnetic field is dominant. In turn, human growth hormone, which is produced by the hypothalamus as we sleep, appears to be strongly influenced by melatonin levels".

From Dr. Philpot's book,  Cancer: The Magnetic/Oxygen Answer.

Reduced ionized calcium plays a major role  as a common denominator in all degenerative diseases, in addition to acidosis. Reduced ionized calcium is not necessarily related to a lack of calcium in the diet.  It is more likely related to reactions to environmental pollutants that cause an acid response in the body.  He states that calcium and other minerals can only remain in a soluble state in the presence of an alkaline medium.  In acid mediums they become insoluble.

  • Negative magnetic fields (north-pole) oxygenate and alkalize by aiding the body's defense against bacteria, fungi, and parasites, all of which thrive in an acid medium.  In degenerative diseases, calcium is found deposited around inflamed joints, bruised areas on the heel, and in bones and kidney stones.  Infections occur because they function well in an acidic, oxygen deficient state.

  • A negative magnetic field (north-pole) combats inflammation and infection and enables the body to resolve troublesome calcium and mineral deposits.

  • A negative magnetic field (north-pole) is effective in relieving pain due to its oxygenation and alkalizing action.

  • A negative magnetic field (north-pole) enhances deep restorative sleep.  The pineal gland produces melatonin in the presence of a negative magnetic field.

  • Oxygen and water are paramagnetic and can carry a magnetic field to all parts of the body through blood circulation.

In another book by William Philpott, New Hope for Physical and Emotional Illness, he states that many human diseases and discomforts are an imbalance of the north pole and south pole energy in each cell. He has demonstrated that our energy field is our first line of defense, even before our immune system.  It is becoming quite obvious that is it very important to preserve or upgrade our energy field to protect us.


From a study by noted researcher Dr. K. Nakagawa, entiitled "Magnetic Field Deficiency Syndrome"   - "the human body is under the influence of the earth's magnetic field and maintains a balanced relationship with it. However, under modern day living conditions, the effect of this magnetic field has decreased or altered. Consequently, in some situations we can assume that this lack of magnetism has caused some abnormalities. By applying a magnetic field on the human body to supplement this deficiency, such abnormal conditions can be improved. In other words, there is a direct relationship between a decrease in the earth's natural magnetic field on the human body and the improvement of abnormal conditions by the application of magnetic fields".


In Morris Tischler's (inventor of the first solid-state pacemaker) manual, "Biomagnetics in Complementary Medicine", he wrote, "The consumption of water magnetized by the negative polarity (north-pole) can also have a therapeutic effect. The north pole of the magnet increases the hydroxyl (OH-) ions while at the same time decreasing the hydrogen (H+) ions. The magnetized water has an alkalizing and oxidizing effect which can influence chemical hypersensitivities, pollution of various sorts, and even insect stings. Most toxins in the body are acidic; this acid can be reduced by the alkalizing effect of magnetized water. In a test performed at M.I.T., it was demonstrated that magnetic effects cause a certain degree of widening of blood vessels (vasodilation). With larger arteries, more blood and oxygen flow to the tissues. Some feel that the alkalizing effect not only normalizes the pH of the blood and body tissues, but it may also reduce cholesterol and triglycerides that adhere to the arterial walls."

When we injure ourselves in the form of bruising, sprains, breaks, cuts, etc., The body responds to the increased presence of south pole energy in the area and sends a signal to the brain which we feel as pain.  The brain reacts by sending a north pole magnetic field to the area to begin healing and reconstruction.  When we apply a magnet to this pain, we supplement the north pole energy and allow the healing to begin more quickly and the pain signal is overcome and neutralized by the magnet.  If we would use a bi-polar magnetic field, the extra confusion and stress that could be created would block the pain signals, but the healing could actually be delayed. This is why doctors such as Dr. William Philpot, Dr. Albert Roy Davis and Dr. Walter Rawls recommend that only north-pole magnetic fields be used.

Dr. Robert Young Ph.D., research scientist, stated after decades of clinical studies "There is only one disease, the constant over acidification of the blood and tissues. This disturbs the central regulation of the human body - unbalancing it."  An acid state produces swollen cells.  Acidity, lack of oxygen and swollen cells are painful.  Dr. William Philpot has proven that a north-pole magnetic field will increase oxidation, reduce swelling and alkalize (normalize) the body, in effect reversing the effects of over acidification, temporarily correcting these disorders, allowing our body to heal itself better while fighting these problems.

Infections are acidic and are quickly attacked by north-pole magnetism.  This exposure normalizes pH, corrects cellular swelling (edema), promotes oxygenation and actually has an antibiotic effect on microorganisms.  The antibiotic effect occurs because the magnet defeats the microorganisms production of ATP.  It is important to remember that in treating an infection, often exposure to north-pole magnetic field can relieve the symptoms in as quickly as a few minutes. 

When the north-pole magnetic energy around in your body and in your BioField is weakened, the PH of arterial blood decreases and becomes more acidic. The normal pH of the arterial blood is 7.40 +/- .05. Viruses, parasites, and other pathogenic organisms proliferate or grow in an acidic environment. Exposure to north-pole magnetic energy restores / maintains the normal (slightly alkaline) pH of the blood, thus possibly eliminating or reducing the overgrowth of disease causing organisms.



A common theme to much of the the research in Bio-Magnetic Field applications is the dynamics of polarity in the application of magnets to the body (Bio-Magnetics).  According to the researchers, energy moving through the magnet and 'exiting' the North Pole (negative magnetic field) within close proximity to the body, and/or the consumption of north-pole magnetized water can effect the following positive health benefits:

  • Increases in cellular oxygen
  • Reduction of fluid retention
  • Supportive of deep restorative sleep
  • Fights infection
  • Promotes mental acuity
  • Support of biological healing
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Normalizes acid base balance - alkalizing effect
  • Relieves/stops pain
  • Reduces/dissolves fatty deposits
  • Reduces/dissolves calcium deposits

The Neodymium magnet arrangement in our products functions to actively draw dormant or immobilized Life Energy into the OR+ Material matrix, to enhance and increase the acceleration of the Energy, and to direct the flow of energy via magnetic arrangements that provide a strong north-pole (negative polarity) magnetic field pattern. This magnetically enhanced (accelerated) flow of energy effectively supports a state of natural Bio-Magnetic resonance in your personal BioField and in your immediate environment, magnetizes water, and supports pain relief!