What is the Life Energy Field?

We use the term "Life Energy" in reference to the fundamental creative life force in nature. It has been known since ancient times and by many names, including Reiki, Prana, Chi, Aether, Ka, Bioenergy, Bio-magnetism, Zero Point Energy, Orgone, Huna, and Animal Magnetism. The constant vibrational motion of this energy in its normal state can be described as a healthy vigorous pulsation.  It is an all encompassing current of alternating expansion and contraction that flows through all matter.  Living things are essentially concentrated forms of this life energy - every living thing acts like a magnetic sponge in this flood of this background energy, resonating with the waves in the current. 


The shielding of this "empty" area from energy fields was accomplished by using what is known as a Faraday cage, which is an enclosure lined with lead. This airless vacuum was then cooled down to absolute zero (zero degrees Kelvin) - the temperature where all matter should stop vibrating and thus produce no heat. These experiments proved that instead of an absence of energy in this empty space, there was a tremendous amount of it!  This force was named "zero point energy" or ZPE. This term is simply a modern scientific reference for what we call Life Energy.



  • Mark Comings, a physicist, inventor and theorist, provides this excellent insight:

"The vacuum of space is anything but a vacuum," it is enormously dense with geo-metrodynamic potential which is dynamically imbedded in the very fabric of space".  John Wheeler postulates that space has an energy density of 10 to the 94th power grams per cubic centimeter.  To call space a "vacuum" or the "quantum vacuum" is a misnomer because everything that we know about space indicates that it is not empty.  It is not a vacuum but rather a plenum - an absolute fullness, characterized by nearly infinite energy density and boundless luminosity.  Space is literally efforvessing with virtual photons and electron-positron pair production.  It is not dead, empty or inert but radiant and shimmering with energetic potential.


All mass and matter arises dynamically out of this plenum of infinite potentiality and yet is paradoxically utterly continuous with, and is in fact a dynamic expression of, this plenum.  This all pervading continuum or unified field has the features and qualities of what indigenous people called the Great Spirit.  The infinite potential of the plenum is our potential. We are one with the quantum plenum!


Our bodies are piezo-electric bio-crystals, resonant transducers of living light and life force. We have the potential to increasingly become the human bio-crystalline technology of love and abundance. We can thereby learn to live in-phase and in resonant harmony with each other without fear, and the fear based projections that create unnecessary limitation and lack.  We have unlimited access to the radiant field of consciousness which is infinite active universal intelligence, we all have direct and immediate access to that field which has been referenced by the spiritual traditions as the Divine Being".




This  new "physics of the 21st century" tells us that the building blocks of mass, the atoms - neutrons, protons, and electrons, and even molecules, are not particles at all.  Instead, they are ultimately nothing more than spherical whirlpools of energy in this flowing river of Life Energy.

As our understanding of this universal energy source continues to expand, we can be empowered by the idea that it is intelligent in that it can directly interact with our mental and physical dynamics.  After all, if this truly is the energy field that is the basis for all matter, then we are also a part of that field - mind, body and spirit.  The concept of our consciousness being in an active relationship with the Life Energy Field of the universe is no longer in question.  Modern quantum physicists have discovered irrefutable evidence that the expectations of the experimenter can dramatically affect the outcome of the experiment - the quantum energies involved "respond to being watched", or you could say the quantum energies respond to the attention and intention of the observer!




  • John Keely, and 18th century researcher and inventor performed extensive experiments with what was then referred to as Aether dynamics, stated his research and discoveries led him to characterize the Aether as follows:

              1. A superfluidic particulate medium which pervades all space.

              2. A medium, which in its various modes, is the building block of the physical universe.

              3. A medium, which, in one of its modes, is responsible for gravity and inertia.

              4. A medium which is controllable by our mind and can be manipulated my our thoughts.

              5. A medium which can be controlled by geometric shapes.






What is ElectroMagnetic Radio Frequency (RF) radiation?

The primary environmental health challenge we all face today is the growing presence of toxic ElectroMagnetic RF radiation activity in our immediate everyday BioField environment.  Common sources of toxic EMF include TVs, Microwave Ovens, CD Players, cell phone or microwave relay towers, AM, FM, or TV broadcast towers, high-tension power lines, airport radar systems, WIFI, wireless internet adapters and plug-ins, and of course - your cell phone, which emits high levels of dangerous RF radiation within close proximity to your brain.



How does ElectroMagnetic RF radiation effect my environment?

Today's widespread use of wireless communication devices constantly radiates your environment with strong doses of electromagnetism at microwave frequency levels.  With this continual high frequency agitation, the natural Life Energy field becomes immobilized or dormant - the result is a toxic and unnatural environment that surrounds and effects you every day.  When the local or immediate energy field is disturbed, the BioField of the person and all living things in that environment also becomes disturbed.  Generally, most living things initially respond to this altered energetic environment with exhaustion and immobilization.

The bio-electrical processes that effect communication at the cellular level are especially vulnerable to the high-frequency microwave radiation from cell phones and wireless communication devices.  This disruption of essential cellular communication in your body is similar to the loss of clear radio reception due to signal interference.  The information just doesn't come through clearly and may be misinterpreted or not even recognized.  Not a big problem if you miss your favorite song, but disruption of your body's vital bio-electrical communication processes from exposure to RF Radiation interferes with the body's natural way of communicating and maintaining overall health, and will result in some form of dis-ease.  The experience of amplified dis-ease is often related to each individual state of health, resulting in increased risk for children, the elderly, and those with on-going health difficulties or "weak points" in their system.

So it is not a question of whether these ElectroMagnetic RF radiation fields cause health problems or not, that is not in doubt. What is uncertain is just how this ill-health will manifest in an individual; as mentioned, this is determined by the individual's own constitution and health and may manifest in many ways, which is why we are seeing so many 'new' immune deficient disorders today.  What is certain, through even the most basic understanding of physics, is that ElectroMagnetic RF radiation fields do weaken or disrupt our BioField energy and this will lead to some form of dis-ease or distress in the human biological system.  Again, Children, in particular, with their developing immune systems, and those with stressed or compromised immune systems are more prone to the bio-toxic effects of RF Microwave Radiation.

It is apparent from the science of biophysics that we are an open bio-electrical 'radio' receiver and transmitter.  We naturally interact with all external energies, natural and man-made, and these energies do play a large part in our experience of health, vitality, and well-being - or not. 



 Our physical health, vitality,and sense of well-being are a direct result of the condition of the external energy fields that interact with the bio-electrical system of our physical body.



How is Magnetic Field Dynamics related to health?

Magnetic Fields have been used for healing since ancient times.  Their benefits have been recorded in ancient Egyptian, Greek, Chinese, and other writings.  In recent years numerous efficacy studies have shown clear positive relationships between Magnetic Field applications and improved health conditions.

Dr William Philpott is chairman of the Bio-Magnetic Institute in Oklahoma City.  He is a psychiatrist and neurologist who is author of numerous books.  He provides the following insights regarding the interaction between biology and the Earth's natural magnetic field:

"As electromagnetic systems, our bodies exist in balance between and under the influence of negative and positive magnetic forces. The Earth's crust exerts a powerful negative magnetic field, while during the day we experience the sun's opposite, positive magnetic force. At night, the Earth's negative magnetic energy increases cellular oxygen, encourages deep restorative sleep, supports biological healing, reduces inflammation and relieves pain. But when the sun comes up, its positive magnetic energy decreases cellular oxygen, stimulates wakefulness, inhibits biological healing, increases pain, and can increase inflammation.

All plant and animal life, including human exists in and responds to the magnetic field of the Earth.

The pineal gland in the center of our heads controls hormones, enzymes and immune function, and is itself a magnetic organ containing magnetite crystals. It is acutely sensitive to magnetic energy and produces its most important and characteristic substance, the sleep hormone melatonin, almost entirely during the night when the Earth's negative magnetic field is dominant. In turn, human growth hormone, which is produced by the hypothalamus as we sleep, appears to be strongly influenced by melatonin levels".


From Dr. Philpot's book,  Cancer: The Magnetic/Oxygen Answer.

  • Reduced ionized calcium plays a major role  as a common denominator in degenerative disease, in addition to acidosis. Reduced ionized calcium is not necessarily related to a lack of calcium in the diet.  It is more likely related to reactions to environmental pollutants that cause an acid response in the body.  He states that calcium and other minerals can only remain in a soluble state in the presence of an alkaline medium.  In acid mediums they become insoluble.

  • Negative magnetic fields oxygenate and alkalize by aiding the body's defense against bacteria, fungi, and parasites, all of which thrive in an acid medium.  In degenerative diseases, calcium is found deposited around inflamed joints, bruised areas on the heel, and in bones and kidney stones.  Infections occur because they function well in an acidic, oxygen deficient state.

  • A negative magnetic field combats inflammation and infection and enables the body to resolve troublesome calcium and mineral deposits.

  • A negative magnetic field is effective in relieving pain due to its oxygenation and alkalinizing action.

  • A negative magnetic field enhances deep restorative sleep.  The pineal gland produces melatonin in the presence of a negative magnetic field.

  • Oxygen and water are paramagnetic and can carry a magnetic field to all parts of the body through blood circulation.




From a study by noted researcher Dr. K. Nakagawa, entiitled "Magnetic Field Deficiency Syndrome"   - "the human body is under the influence of the earth's magnetic field and maintains a balanced relationship with it. However, under modern day living conditions, the effect of this magnetic field has decreased or altered. Consequently, in some situations we can assume that this lack of magnetism has caused some abnormalities. By applying a magnetic field on the human body to supplement this deficiency, such abnormal conditions can be improved. In other words, there is a direct relationship between a decrease in the earth's natural magnetic field on the human body and the improvement of abnormal conditions by the application of magnetic fields".




A common theme to much of the the research in Bio-Magnetic Field applications is the dynamics of polarity in the application of magnets to the body (Bio-Magnetics).  According to the researchers, energy moving through the magnet and 'exiting' the North Pole (negative magnetic field) within close proximity to the body can effect the following positive health benefits:

  • Increases in cellular oxygen
  • Reduction of fluid retention
  • Supportive of deep restorative sleep
  • Fights infection
  • Promotes mental acuity
  • Support of biological healing
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Normalizes acid base balance
  • Relieves/stops pain
  • Reduces/dissolves fatty deposits
  • Reduces/dissolves calcium deposits

The Neodymium magnet arrangement in our products functions to actively draw dormant or immobilized Life Energy into the OR+ Material matrix, to enhance and increase the acceleration of the Energy, and to direct the flow of energy via magnetic arrangements that provide a strong north-pole (negative polarity) magnetic field pattern. This magnetically enhanced (accelerated) flow of energy effectively supports a state of natural Bio-Magnetic resonance in your personal BioField and in your immediate environment, magnetizes water, and supports pain relief!