• Hemi-Sync® is a scientifically based and clinically proven “audio-guidance” technology that uses sound frequencies to influence brain wave activity. This patented and sophisticated technology is backed by over 50 years of research.


Sound Technology for Balanced Living


    • Enter deep meditative states reliably and easily

    • Reduce stress

    • Enhance creativity and become more productive

    • Increase concentration and focus your attention when needed

    • Consciousness Exploration - Take your first step to awakening from the dream!

Sound Technology for Balanced Living

The audio-guidance process works through the generation of complex, multilayered audio signals, which act together to create a resonance that is reflected in unique brain wave forms characteristic of specific states of consciousness. The result is a focused, whole-brain state known as hemispheric synchronization, or Hemi-Sync®, where the left and right hemispheres are working together in a state of coherence. Different Hemi-Sync® signals are used to facilitate deep relaxation, focused attention or other desired states. As an analogy, lasers produce focused, coherent light. Hemi-Sync® produces a focused, coherent mind, which is an optimal condition for improving human performance.

Thanks to the cooperation of notable medical institutions and universities, the scientifically and clinically proven Hemi-Sync® technology continues to be the focus of a variety of specialized research projects. In addition, many therapists, physicians, educators and other professionals use Hemi-Sync® extensively.

Over the years, these efforts have resulted in the development of scores of individual products for specific applications including focused attention, stress management, meditation, sleep enhancement, pain management, and other expanded / non-ordinary states of consciousness.


Hemi-Sync’s binaural beat sound tracks (CDs, digital downloads) can help you experience enhanced mental, physical, and emotional states Easily and consistently.


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