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erb is made from 100% raw herbs with no artificial ingredients. Raw herbs are of course the most complete form of the natural herb - with the naturally occuring ratio of complimentary vitamins and minerals that aid with absorption and effectiveness. erb is the happy result of research and testing to find the best ratio and combination of both stimulating, mood boosting, and adaptogenic herbs to provide a balanced experience with a pleasant lift, a sustained energy boost, and a gradual leveling of energy with no crash or feelings of exhaustion.

erb was developed as a personal solution to provide an all-natural source for a daily energy boost. Everyone decided it was too good to keep secreted away, and erb is now available for your enjoyment!

Most if not all energy drinks on the market today are a disturbing concoction of synthetic sweeteners, synthetic caffeine, and chemical-based herbal extracts. The resulting effect tends to be a quick and overall weird overstimulated feeling followed with a quick (often unexpected) crash of energy with overall feelings of mental and physical exhaustion. A cup of good quality organic coffee can be a real pleasure but unfortunately personal experiences with jitters and general nausea with coffee thwarted the use of coffee on a daily basis.

In holding to the goal of finding an all-natural source for a daily energy boost, the herbal tinctures you seem to see on store shelves everywhere these days seemed a good place to start - the tinctures mostly provided a more balanced effect as compared to energy drinks, along with no jitters or nausea, although the alcohol taste/burn that comes with most tinctures (alcohol is used as the herbal solvent in the extraction process) was not acceptable to use on a regular or daily basis.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and the use of raw herbs rather than herbal extracts was next considered. Using raw herbs proved to be the best source for consistent and balanced stimulating effects without over-stimulation or the crash you experience with synthetic caffeine. The idea of combing adaptogenic herbs with stimulating herbs was more of a second generation development to incorporate the benefits of time-tested benefits adaptogenic herbs like American Ginseng and Suma.


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