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Cultivating Intuition

Practical Intuition – More than Just a Hunch Intuition was once considered a mysterious gift bestowed on only a few. More recently, scientists are recognizing it as a skill that anyone can develop. Most of us have had some experience with what we call a hunch, a heart feeling, gut feeling or just a sense of “inner knowing” in making decisions in business, or having a strong sense about something with our children or someone we care about, or even in everyday activities like an inner prompting to drive defensively. At the center of this intuitive ability is the human heart. Once thought to be no more than a pump, the heart is now being recognized as a sophisticated intelligence...

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Creating Emotinal Resilience with Heartmath® Tools

Resilience Tips to Refresh our Attitudes Our mental and emotional resilience helps us to recover from and adapt to stressful situations that can challenge us. Finding inspirational ways that refresh ourselves can make a big difference in our day to day attitudes and increase our natural resilience. Most people find it more manageable to work with one at a time, moving on to the next until the strategy begins to come naturally. Resilience Tip #1: Create a Regular Window for Reflection Use mindful practices like yoga or meditation to tune in to your needs rather than tuning out or shifting your attention. Journaling your thoughts is also a great way to heighten self-awareness and discover what your personal or spiritual...

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3 Life Hacks for Creating Emotional Resilience

3 Life Hacks for Creating Emotional Resilience Increasing resilience will amplify the intensity and duration of positive emotional experiences. The desire for ease, enthusiasm, and pleasurable life experiences are universal, and will serve you well in dealing with all types of challenges, from financial or career concerns to interpersonal relationships, health issues and inconveniences.    Choose the Right Attitude When we start a new day, it is a good practice to take a few moments and get still inside, before the flurry of the day really kicks in. Still the mind and focus on the heart. Ask, “How would I like my day to go?” Then ask, “What attitude would help me to align with this intention?” Once the attitude...

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